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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Still here

I'm still here! I haven't been doing anything of interest to the tatting world, unless you count still working on wedding decorations (the same pattern over & over & over & over & over &....). I can't remember if I posted a picture of the finished product or not, but when I get a chance to go back through my older posts, I'll definitely do that. I'm super proud of it. At the moment, every available blocking space in my house is covered in small, star shaped doilies that are waiting to be added to jars (at some point).
It also happens to be summer time, so I haven't been spending much time worried about things inside. I do still tat, just late at night. I do still read everyone's blogs, but usually only early in the mornings while I wait for Little One to wake up.
Speaking of Little One, she'll be competing in her first Peewee Barrels class at the NBHA show this weekend! I'm so excited! Yes, she's just almost 3. Just so happens my life has been blessed with one of the most gentle & loving horses in the history of the world. She was my barrel/trail/goat tying/anything I wanted horse for the first 13 years of her riding career, & now that she'll be 17 in October, my daughter is learning to ride on her. I'm sure she'll move on to bigger, faster horses, but at the moment they're perfect. Wish I had a picture to post of them together! Hmm... Take my camera to the barn today. If you're wondering, NO,I am not putting my toddler on a horse & turning her loose. In PeeWee barrels (at least NBHA) it is totally okay for an adult to lead a child through the pattern, if necessary. Papaw will get the honors this weekend! They'll be trotting through the pattern on a lead line.
What makes it so great is she'll get a ribbon no matter what, because all the kids in peewee get one. :) I'm so excited!!

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  1. Oh, what fun! Hope your daughter has a terrific day at the peewee!
    Fox : )


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