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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Still here

I'm still here! I haven't been doing anything of interest to the tatting world, unless you count still working on wedding decorations (the same pattern over & over & over & over & over &....). I can't remember if I posted a picture of the finished product or not, but when I get a chance to go back through my older posts, I'll definitely do that. I'm super proud of it. At the moment, every available blocking space in my house is covered in small, star shaped doilies that are waiting to be added to jars (at some point).
It also happens to be summer time, so I haven't been spending much time worried about things inside. I do still tat, just late at night. I do still read everyone's blogs, but usually only early in the mornings while I wait for Little One to wake up.
Speaking of Little One, she'll be competing in her first Peewee Barrels class at the NBHA show this weekend! I'm so excited! Yes, she's just almost 3. Just so happens my life has been blessed with one of the most gentle & loving horses in the history of the world. She was my barrel/trail/goat tying/anything I wanted horse for the first 13 years of her riding career, & now that she'll be 17 in October, my daughter is learning to ride on her. I'm sure she'll move on to bigger, faster horses, but at the moment they're perfect. Wish I had a picture to post of them together! Hmm... Take my camera to the barn today. If you're wondering, NO,I am not putting my toddler on a horse & turning her loose. In PeeWee barrels (at least NBHA) it is totally okay for an adult to lead a child through the pattern, if necessary. Papaw will get the honors this weekend! They'll be trotting through the pattern on a lead line.
What makes it so great is she'll get a ribbon no matter what, because all the kids in peewee get one. :) I'm so excited!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Very.... well.... plain...

 I actually *have* been tatting this whole time; See?

I had a sorted out version of all that, but I'm not sure where it went.There are five pieces of lace in that pile..... The four that are the same are YarnPlayer's Arches doily.. I love that pattern, but the 4th time in a row, even the best pattern gets a little boring. This is all tatting for my brother's wedding. His fiance is adoreable, & we both at different times found the idea on pinterest. She decided the 5th one, a pattern from a Handy Hands newsletter from... 2004? would be the right one for the idea she had.

This jar is a test run of what it'll look like. We haven't decided whether she wants candles or flowers in them, & there will be raffeta & a wire hanger.... I wish I could remember how to rotate & realign pictures. It has been too long since I've posted pictures, hasn't it?
And this is what I mean by plain. This is knooking... It looks like knitting, but it can be done with a crochet hook & cord. It's alot easier for me. What I meant when I said plain, was yep, another shade of ecru/tan/VANILLA!! lol This is an up close picture of the tan square on a blanket I was working on between tats to keep my hands from locking up on me. There are also chocolate colored squares, & they're about 12"x12". The colors are DH's request. Apparently he needs a blanket to go on his (brown) chair...
Next post I'll show you a picture of the shuttle my brother made me from a deer antler. Maybe some things with slightly more color to them! :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Earring

This is totally unrelated to tatting, but I have to share with somebody... Last week I placed an order for a pair of diamond stud earrings from a well known "have everything you need in one spot" web site. I got all excited because I got a really great price for diamonds... They were small & set in sterling silver, so I thought the price was very reasonable. Until yesterday. I open the package & there is ONE earring in the package.... Yes, ONE. Now why would I order ONE earring? Really? I called the company, & the man on the other line said "Are you sure you didn't drop one?" That was the nicest part of the so called "customer service". I eventually - after 40 minutes on the phone explaining myself to person after person - was rewarded a refund (minus my shipping costs). At one point I was even accused of trying to get an extra... Because we all wear THREE earrings....  *sigh* at least now I know, right?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Before I start posting pictures, I should say I'm currently tatting #2 of 20 of YarnPlayer's "Arches" doily. I'm making these all for decorations for my brother's wedding in October, so I have time. However, This (can you see that TTTTTIIINNNNYYYY spec of blood?) can be *very* inconventient when tatting with Ecru thread.
I thought by purchasing tapestry needles in multiple sizes I'd be saving myself this trouble; however, a #26 tapestry needle apparently will stab you like no other!
How bout now? Can you see the tiny spec of blood on my #80 Ecru thread? Just where I finished the round & joined it together? Right there, where to fix it I'd have to amputate the whole round?
See? One & 1/2 of 20... ten of each size.... :-| I haven't blocked the large one yet, because I'm waiting to see exactly how it'll be used... That & I'd like to have 3 or 4 to fill up my blocking board & so I don't waste my special detergent. What do you think? Do you think I should cut it off & start over? I've already tried dabbing & rinsing to get the blood out & it just won't go away. Sad part is I didn't even realize I'd stabbed myself until I saw the spec on my tatting. So I thought I'd blog while I wait for that to stop & the tatting to dry. *sigh* I wish I could tat with a band-aid on my finger.... I suppose I could mark this one when I'm finished & make sure it is last to be used & that the spot side is the back.
Frustrating, yes?

Friday, February 17, 2012

ok I'm back!

After like 6 months of no computer, I have a good one now & my husband spent like 2 hours installing or connecting or whatever to the wi fi last night. So. I have around 6 months worth of blogs to read & a new computer to learn to work. WooHoo!
I have been tatting... but I haven't been taking pictures because I didn't really have anywhere to put anything; I absolutely despise smartphones (I'm not smart enough to work them) so I don't have one & you can't upload what I have on the phone I have. But I'll take some eventually.
I started working on some projects for my brother's wedding - yep, they're FINALLY getting married!! five years later & Brit will be an "official" member of the family... Like she didn't count already anyway... But that's not till October. I have until then to make 20 of Yarnplayer's "Arches" doily. 10 in size 20 & 10 in size 80 thread. All Ecru. TTTTThhhhhheeeeennnnn they have to be attached to various Mason Jars & some will be candles & some will be just plain flower holders down the aisle. I'll take pictures as things go along I promise. If you're interested in what it'll look like, I got the idea off Pinterest but I can't remember what it was called.
Anyway.... I'm so glad to be back!! I can finally stalk all of you again :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm still out there somewhere...Maybe...

So hello to you few darlin's who actually read my blog... Believe it or not I've occasionally been stalking on my husband's new smartphone (& decided they call them that because you need some kind of PHD to work them), but it's way too time consuming for me to post from there. So. Here I am! I'm still alive, just still minus the computer :( Hopefully I'll have a new one soon!
I still tat, but not as much as before. I've taken up Knooking, believe it or not, & I LOVE it!! I'm working on a blanket for my couch (if no one claims it before it's finished) & some dishrags for a friend. I picked up that rose garden doily again, & still just don't have the "want to" to finish it.... But I will, or I won't start anything else! So there! :)
Anyway, I'm on a borrowed computer, so it may be a while before I'm back or have any pictures, but I promise I'll be back as soon as possible! I miss my tat friends... I don't have any here in my little world in person, so I NNEEEEDDDD ya'll to feed my addictions!
Hope to "see" you soon!